Tribute To Sr. Isabel

Her association with the MCJ sisters fanned the desire that she held in her heart. She was able to serve the people and she touched the lives of many whom she met. A nurse by profession, young Isabel along with 2 other sisters dedicated herself to the care of the paraplegic residents of Cheshire Home. She lived through the hardships of those early years, in the midst of the thick jungle uninhabited by people, with scarce water and electricity and no roads nor transport.

In 1986 through the organization “Jeevan Nirvaha Niketan” Sr. Isabel began to reach out first to the children who did not attend school and worked to supplement the families income. Meeting with the mothers of these children gave us a glimpse into the reality of their situation. The women needed to be strengthened economically to support themselves and their children.

And from the small group of 4 or 5 women, we began to grow. Creative Handicrafts was registered as a Non Religious and Independent Non Governmental organization in 1994.

And her efforts continue to be recognized Nationally. In 2012 Creative Handicrafts was recognized as "An Outstanding Fair Trade Organization".